What is the IUPAC name of CH3OCH3?

Methoxy methane is the IUPAC name of CH3OCH3, which is also known as dimethyl ether. Alkoxy Alkane (OR is alkoxy grp) is the general formula for identifying these compounds.

Due to the presence of an oxygen atom connected to two methyl groups, the chemical has the formula R-O-R (R-alkyl group or aryl group, or ether form).

Dimethyl ether is a facetious name.

Alkoxy alkane is the IUPAC format.

Methoxy methane is the IUPAC terminology.

The IUPAC name of CH3OCH3 is Methoxy methane. As there are two methyl groups and an ether group present, the compound’s unimportant name is dimethyl ether.