Privacy Policy

We take internet privacy policy at, and we value the interests of our visitors. We define our private information with reference to information we collect through “Privacy Policy”, in order to help you make informed choices about how you share information when you visit or use the site, as well as your authority in defining what we do with the data we gather or hold about you.

Understanding How Information data collect on Lead Academy:

You have the choice to Give Us your Information data:

If you want to give us information, especially personal data, we may gather it directly from you. For example, when you join up for our newsletters, you may give us some kind of information data, like your name and contact information (such as an email address), date of birth, gender, age, or other details of the information.

Automatically Collected Information data When You Visit Lead Academy:

When you visit the Website, we and our third-party collaborators may use tools like cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies to automatically gather personal information.

When you visit the Site, your IP address, operating system parameters, data about your browser and operating system, data about the smartphone or computer you use to visit the Website, unique device identifiers, and click-stream data may be gathered automatically.

We or our third-party partners may aggregate information collected automatically by each of us with other information about you, particularly information you deliberately supply.

Cookies are tiny files that websites and other internet services use on visitors’ computers to gather data about them. Cookies such as HTTP, HTML5 cookies, and other types of local storage may be used on the lead academy website.

We may use tags also called “web beacons” on website pages to manage our automatic data collecting. Web beacons are small files that reference web pages to specific web servers and their cookies, and they can be used for a range of items, including counting the number of visitors, analyzing how users navigate around the Site, determining how many emails we send are actually opened, and determining which articles or links visitors view.

On the Site, we also utilize third-party web analytics services like Google Analytics to supply us with data and other statistics on users.

Signals that say “Do Not Track.” You may be able to send a “do not track” signal to websites and online services you access using your browser settings., like many other websites, is not set up to respond to browser “do not track” signals.

Finally, organizations, which provide third-party apps, tools, widgets, and plug-ins that may appear on the Site (such as Facebook “Like” buttons) may collect information about your interactions with these features through automated techniques. The privacy policies or notifications of those suppliers govern this information collecting.

What we do with your Information We Collect:

We may use the data we collect on the lead academy for a variety of purposes, including those indicated below. For example, if you contact us with questions and demand your email address, we will answer your inquiry using the email address you provided. Furthermore, we utilize the data we get from you and through the Site to:

  • Provide informative articles and services you request
  • Respond to user inquiries, questions, and feedback, as well as give other forms of user assistance
  • We may send you marketing emails about products and services, or we may link you to parts of this Site or other websites that we consider may be of relevance to you.
  • To serve you ads, information, and offers from us or third parties interest and online activity
  • Inform you about upcoming events, courses, contests, and other special offers or promotions, as well as how to manage your participation in them.
  • Execute, review, and enhance our lead academy’s operations
  • Analyze your information data about how the site is being used
  • Protect yourself from fraud and other illegal behavior, as well as claims and other responsibilities, by detecting, identifying, and preventing them
  • Comply with relevant laws, law enforcement demands, and company policies.

How we share your information data:

To carry out work on our behalf, our agents, distributors, analysts, and other service providers may have access to the information we collect through the Site. Those parties are bound by stringent terms and conditions and are prohibited from using personal information received through the Site for any purpose other than providing the requested help. We may also share information with one another.

How we protect your Information data:

We keep perfect administrative, technology, and physical safeguard in place to prevent the accidental, unlawful, or unauthorized loss, modification, access, leak, or use of the personal data you give. However, can ensure the security of the information communicated online, and you accept some risk when providing information through any website. If you have any questions about data security, please email or use our “contact us” form.